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3MMC or 3-MMC is the full chemical name 3-Methylmethcathinone. This is also the case on the street meow meow, 3m of cat mentioned. this is a product from the group “cathioneBelow you can read what this is and where you get can safely buy and pay 3MMC with iDEAL, Visa or Mastercard

What is a Cathinone?

Cathinone is a stimulant that produces a light psychedelic effect causes. This ingredient is why people chew on it qat leaves. This one soft drug is also known as khat. Other names for cathinone include benzoylethanaminenorephedrine en β-ketoamphetamine. What effect does cathinone have on our body and mind? And what is the legislation on cathinone and khat leaves?

Cathinone as the main component of khat leaves.

qat have been cultivated for decades. This mainly happens on the Arabian Peninsulas and Africa, as well as Kenya and Yemen. Chewing on qat leaves was especially one of those days social affair. The leaves were also used as stimulant. The cathinone that was released while chewing also went hunger and fatigue.

The blade is preferred freshly picked. The concentration cathinone is then optimal. Qat leaves cannot be stored outside the refrigerator for more than 2 days. Although the blade can still become chewed, they only contain the constituent cathine. It was previously believed that cathine caused the euphoric effect. However, scientific research has shown that cathinone is the most active ingredient.

Psychic and physical effect of cathinone on the body.

The working ingredient cathinone is used in different ways while chewing absorbed by the body. That happens through it oral mucosa, stomach and intestinal system. The substance needs about 2-3 hours to reach full effect. The effect remains, depending on the amount of chewed khat leaves, noticeable up to about 4 hours. Users experience a general feeling of euphoria. This feeling of happiness is caused by cathinone stimulates the production of dopamine.

Cathinone also has physical effects. The user can create a experiencing vivid fantasy and imagination, but also have to deal with dfeelings of depression. Because the component cathinone also inhibits appetite, this can cause eating disorders. Such as anorexia. Also a disturbed sleep or insomnia are common effects. Cathinone can also be used after using khat withdrawal symptoms bring about. Those are in the first place fluctuations in body temperature and fatigue.

Cathinone and the Law: Legal or Illegal?

Both growing and using khat for the sake of it The working ingredient cathinone is legal in Somalia and Ethiopia. In Africa, the khat plant is even protected. There are also countries where the use of khat leaves is legal, but where the manufacture or sale of supplements containing cathinone as an active substance is not allowed. Like in Israel.

Where can I pick up 3MMC or meow meow also called cat?

3-MMC is legally available for testing purposes, we mention that

3-Methylmethcathinone unfit for human consumption.